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Yoga for Gorgeous Skin

Yoga has always been one of my favorite ways to workout. PLUS - Yoga is an incredible way to get your skin back to tip top shape. These three simple poses are quick and easy to do - and offer amazing skin benefits! 
"triangle pose"
This pose helps to improve circulation and increase blood flow - especially to your face! This increase in blood flow can help reduce toxins and brighten skin!
2. Viparita Karani
"legs up a wall"
This pose helps to strengthen capillary circulation - which is especially helpful in the skin! The pose also promotes energy movement, and relaxation in the heart muscle. 
3. Bhujangasana
"cobra pose"
This pose is one of my personal favorites! It helps to open your chest and heart, which in turn promotes deeper breathing. This increase in oxygen improves circulation and decreases toxins which can help prevent skin problems like acne, redness, and premature aging.
So get to it! Creating a simple morning yoga routine not only helps give you clearer skin, but also helps with stress and anxiety. It's also a great way to get centered before starting your day. I like to mix these poses in with my standard Sun Salutation each morning.

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