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The Instant Face-lift that will cost you less than a dollar (No surgery required!!)


If you search the web, you’ll find an abundance of skincare tips, some are awesome - some are NOT SO AWESOME. But, one of my absolute FAVORITE skincare tips I picked up a few years ago is a quick and easy way to instantly get glowing, firmer skin. Oh, and did I mention it will cost you less than a dollar? ‘Cause that’s the best part!

Want to know how? Take one of my favorite natural ingredients (baking soda) and mix with a few drops of water (seriously, how simple is that!?)

Form a paste, and apply to the skin, rubbing very gently in circular motions,

Then, using warm water, rinse thoroughly (Be sure to apply moisturizer immediately after, as Baking Soda can throw off your skin’s PH). Mix this little magic potion up 1x per week, and be sure to share your results!

PRO TIP: I apply a few drops of the Lark Beauty Potion afterwards, then apply the lotion bar on top. Do this before bed for a gorgeous glow in the AM. This is my Sunday night ritual!

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