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Juice for Glowing Skin

I'm a juice and smoothie nut. Mostly because I hate the taste of leafy greens, and mixing them with fruit hides the flavor, but still gives me the benefits of eating them. I don't discriminate when it come to juices and smoothies. I love to make my own and love the convenience of store bought. A lot of people don't realize that what you put in your body is just as important for your skin as what you put on it. This means eating lots of superfoods, and drinking a ton of water (half your body weight in OZ each day - at least!) 
Today I want to share a few of my favorite go to recipes for juices/smoothies for glowing skin. There are a few ingredients that are always my go to's (beets, spinach, carrots) and I always keep them stocked in my pantry. 
Beet Juice is hands down my favorite ingredient to use in juices. It packs the most punch when it comes to the effect it has on your skin. Beet juice is a rich source of iron, vitamins and minerals can give you healthy and glowing skin. Plus beet juice is anti-inflammatory and can help to detoxify. Truth be told - I HATE the taste of beets. They taste like dirt. I refuse to eat one plain (beet salads make me cringe) and could NEVER drink raw beet juice on its own. So... I mix it with lots of yummy fruits to mask the taste!


2 Beets

1  Apple

3 Carrots

1 1/4" Slice of Fresh Ginger

Directions: Add all the ingredients to a juicer until blended.

I really love to add a little fresh ginger to this recipe. It seems to really cover the beet taste and brighten up the flavor. 


2c Chopped Kale leaves (packed lightly)

1c Frozen Pineapple chunks 

Almond Milk (I usually just measure this by consistency) 

1/2 Greek Yogurt 

Honey to taste (1-3 tsps)

Directions: Blend together in a high speed blender (I LOVE my Vitamix). Typically I'll start with the kale and almond milk first to make sure the kale is blended until smooth before I add in the other ingredients. After you add in the pineapple you may need to add in a bit more almond milk for a smoother consistency, or if it seems like its getting stuck in the blender. I've also added some vanilla protein powder instead of the honey and it's delicious.  


2c Spinach 

1/2c Frozen Peaches

1/2c Frozen Blueberries

Almond Milk (for consistency)

1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

8oz Water

Directions: Blend water and spinach together until smooth. Add in Vanilla protein powder and blend for 5 seconds. Add in almond milk and frozen fruits and blend until it reaches your desired consistency. 

The color of this one is not my favorite. In fact, it's usually kinda brownish. But it tastes amazing and is usually what I end up drinking most mornings because it's so darn easy! 



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