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Kitchen Sink Lip Scrub

Do your lips get super chapped and dry in the winter? Have you ever been tempted to buy one of those fancy lip scrubs? They are usually expensive, and still filled with nasty ingredients. Well today, I'm going to show you how to make your own super fancy lip scrub, and the best part? It only takes 2 minutes using ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen! Just in time for Valentine's Day! 


1 tsp Brown Sugar (or white sugar - whatever you have around is just fine!)

1/2 tsp Coconut Oil (or Olive, Jojoba or Avocado Oils work well too!)

A few drops of Honey

Mix together in a small bowl with a fork. Apply generously to lips and scrub. Rinse and apply an all natural lip balm. You can also make this in bulk and keep in your fridge. It usually stays for about 4 months if refrigerated. 





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