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Clean Skincare Starter Kit: Acne + Blemish Prone


We bundled our 4 best acne-fighting products into an effective routine that helps to reduce, heal and prevent breakouts. Each kit includes a cleanser, toner, and exfoliant and mini spot treatment!

This kit contains:

Our products are 100% natural + never made with parabens, sulphates, PEGS, phthalates, silicones or mineral oil. Our products are never tested on animals. *Starter Kits + Custom Skincare is excluded from discounts*

Customer Reviews

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I was literally torn down the middle on the products included. I got this kit so I could try a bunch of the products without committing to a full size. The idea is great but I wish it could have included a moisturizer/oil. I did not personally like the spot treatment or the lime toner. The spot treatment didn’t seem to help my breakouts and was hard to get out of the bottle without it shooting across the room. The lime toner I liked at first, but after a couple days my skin started drying out and was producing little red bumps and breakouts on my forehead. Once I stopped using it they went away after a couple days.

That said, I loved the turmeric scrub and sunflower oil cleanser!!! The oil cleanser was not overly heavy and left my skin feeling hydrated and clean. The scrub is awesome, little goes such a long way and left my skin feeling smooth and looking brighter after the first use!

I have already made a second purchase of the cleansing oil and got the rose toner as well. I cannot wait to try more products!

The scrub is the best!

I love the scrub so much!


i absolutely love the acne prone starter kit!! it really has helped pervert my maskne to come back. my skin feels really refreshed and looks so bright and glowing, definitely going to purchase this again soon because I love the results it’s giving me.
my husband is also a big fan too

The products are as amazing as their customer service.

I discovered Lark Skin Co. shortly after their shop opened and I haven’t looked back. Even though I don’t live in St. Louis any longer, I still order their products. I haven’t found a product that I don’t like. The different kits they offer like the acne prone kit is a great way to get multiple products at a great value. The jojoba and turmeric facial polish is fantastic! It has really helped keep the maskne under control.

A Fresh Start

Im 25 with combination skin, and super sensitive to dry winter air. I started this about a month ago, and its retrained me to be much more gentle with my skin. I used to scrub exfoliate every day, no moisturizer, and use makeup wipes... and my skin was angry. I also obsessively pick and pop my skin. When I started this kit, I learned to cleanse with oil gently, it immediately makes my skin feel so soft and clean. The toner and spot treatments are helpful aids to nice skin. Along with a finishing oil, I have noticed even skin tone very quickly, less small abrasions, tightened pores, and a softness overall. I use the scrub very gently and only twice a week. My skin isnt perfect, but it is much happier using this line.