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Our Philosophy


You're busy. You're overwhelmed. You want to live simpler. You want your time to be spent on the things you care about. You do not want to spend time worrying about beauty products and their endless ingredient lists filled with harmful chemicals.

My quest for all-natural, organic skincare and beauty products first began when I was pregnant. I found myself searching high and low for all-natural products I could trust - and that were actually effective! I felt overwhelmed and completely helpless, and even stormed out of a beauty store a time or two. I believe that beauty products should be good for your body, inside and out.

As my quest for all-natural (and safe) products intensified, I started to think more about the chemicals that fill our beauty cabinets. I was shocked to find that some of my most beloved beauty products that I thought were safe were not! I wanted to pick up a product and actually understand the ingredients. I wanted something that was real and from the earth – a product that had an expiration date.