Dull skin gotcha down?

Let's brighten your day (and skin) by answering your questions regarding this common skin-concern!

QUESTION: My skin isn't dry, so why does it still appear dull?

LAUREN, esthetician:

"Stress can be a total buzzkill for your skin, wreaking havoc in a multitude of ways. When you’re stressed, things underneath your skin can become tight and/or stagnant, it can trigger breakouts and degrade skin health by leaving a dull appearance.

One way to combat this is with regular face massage. This can be something as advanced as a Gua Sha routine (check-out our tutorial here) or taking a few extra mins to massage your face oil or moisturizer in at night."

QUESTION: How do I achieve + maintain bright, even skin?


1. EXFOLIATE on a regular basis (at least 2x weekly) to remove dead skin cells, allowing new, plump skin cells to develop on the surface. You can always gently exfoliate using a washcloth, or incorporate our Jojoba + Turmeric Facial Polish and Rose + Glycolic Brightening Mask into your ritual to see immediate results.

2. VITAMIN C daily is a MUST. This nutrient-rich antioxidant fights signs of aging and is a skin-brightening agent, proven to brighten skin when applied topically. Our Aloe + Willow Bark Vitamin C Serum is a clean + effective option, perfect for all skin types including sensitive + acne-prone.

3. MOISTURIZE twice daily with oils containing skin brightening agents. Dry skin shows fine lines and appears dull. Our COQ10 + Seabuckthorn Age Defy Facial Oil and our Rosehip + Citrus Facial Oil contain oils that deeply moisturize and brighten skin. 


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