At LARK, we know skincare goes much deeper than the surface. We have all felt the emotional impact of feeling uncomfortable in our skin. We want you to know you are beautiful, which is why we take a holistic approach to skincare.

Our mission is to create a space in the beauty industry for community and connection, where we can deliver natural and effective alternatives to traditional products.


LARK’s vision is to cultivate a community of confident, educated and empowered women who feel confident in their skin, their choices and the future.


Quality   |  Our products are mindfully made with high-quality natural ingredients. We will never compromise the quality of our product because we understand the importance of the peace of mind when it comes to what you put on your skin.

Simplicity  |  We believe in using minimal ingredients for maximum impact. Our philosophy is rooted in simplicity stemming from the ground, literally.  We believe less is more not just with our ingredients but also in your skincare routine.

Integrity  |  We consider ourselves a consciously clean company. From our products and services to our passions and customer relationships, our ethics drive every aspect of LARK.

Transparency   |  Trust is an important piece of the self-love journey. With LARK, what you see is what you get, because we believe that’s how every relationship should be honored.

Efficacy   |  Our products yield real results using real ingredients, always delivering on their promise. We stand behind our products.  

Individuality   |  Everyone’s skin is unique, that’s why we created the Ritual Bar.  We can celebrate your individuality through hundreds of custom ingredient combinations.