Healing is not linear

I remember walking into LARK for the first time. I was welcomed by two women that were eager to get to know me. The environment was calm and there were plants everywhere. I saw pink stones and jars on the tables. I saw scrubs and candles. There were wicker baskets on the floor and incense on the shelves. I learned very soon that this company was much more than just clean skincare and fancy jars. 

My second day working for LARK we were in the studio shooting photos for Campaign for Confidence. I was meeting women from all over the world with different stories. We were all coming together for a cause for confidence.  A studio filled with women speaking about their journey with confidence. The acne scars, the bullying, the motherhood, and the journey along the way. 

I was in a room filled with creators, mothers, survivors, and fighters. As I spoke to each woman, my heart swelled as they shared their stories. And I felt confirmed as I spoke my own story. I resonated with every woman I spoke to but in different ways and I left in tears. 

I know that everyone is going through something and I understand that everyone heals and copes in their own way. But this day I was reminded that everyone expresses confidence in their own way. It’s not all about selfies and sticking to a diet. It’s confidence in the way we nurture our children. It’s confidence in the way that we run a business. It’s confidence in the way that we heal and choose to heal. 

That’s the hard part. Healing. 

Everyone’s path to healing looks different and we know that healing is not linear. 

LARK stands behind the women that are facing stories without answers and the women fighting to get their story heard. LARK wants to take part in your journey. It may have just begun or you may be on the verge of something great. We know that simple products and ingredients are hard to come by. We want you to love the skin you're in and find what expressing confidence means to you. 

Send this to a sister or friend that may be healing, remind them that it’s okay!

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love this. Thank you LARK for such a great company ! & thanks Abby for the kind words today. I needed them today ❤️

Paige October 01, 2019

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