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PSA: Buying skincare for others is possible and when you do it right it makes the perfect self-care gift. Why? Everyone enjoys and benefits from a little skincare if it is right for them. That’s where we come in!

Option 1: I know their skin type + they are familiar with skincare 

If you’re shopping for a close friend, you may know their skin type, goals or skincare they like and dislike. In this case, you can shop our Collections!

Option 2: I know their skin type + they are new to skincare 

Shop and SAVE on a Clean Skincare Starter Kit that matches their skin type! Clean Skincare Starter Kits contain a simple, 3 step regimen to help you discover a clean beauty routine best for your skin type.

Option 3: I’m unsure of their skin type + they are familiar with skincare

If you know this person is a skincare guru, you’ll want to make sure your gift works with their routine. Send our 30 Second Skincare Quiz to a friend, but have them enter YOUR EMAIL. That way, you will receive their results that include a list of personalized product recommendations best suited for their skin type + lifestyle! Plus, a coupon towards your purchase!

Option 4: I’m unsure of their skin type + they are unfamiliar with skincare 

If you’re shopping for someone like a teacher or coworker and you don’t know their skin type/if they’re familiar with skincare, shop our list of Gifts for Everyone in our Green Beauty Gift Guide! These are no-brainer, fun-to-use, safe for all skin type products that anyone will love. We also have recommendations for the teachers + coworkers in your life. Simply a coincidence!

If you’re still stuck, feel free to send us a message and we will help!

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