Lark Skin Co.

Sunflower + Chamomile Cleansing Oil


Founded in the LARK Spa, Sunflower + Chamomile Cleansing Oil is your new favorite daily cleanser and make up remover that reveals healthier skin with each luxurious cleanse. Powerful vitamins and antioxidants work to soothe redness + inflammation, treat acne and reduce signs of aging...and did we mention it smells like the spa? 


To use: Apply 5-7 drops to the palm of your hand and work together to warm. Apply to face and gently massage into skin. Remove using a warm, damp cloth until product is removed completely. Follow with toner, serum then facial oil. 


Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Chamomile Oil.

Customer Reviews

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Ok so I have acne prone skin that changes from dry to oily and can get red and inflamed super easily, so it’s been hard to find a cleanser that helps with all of that. (They either help acne but dry me out, or moisturize but then I’m oily, etc, and I’ve tried many (many) different cleansers and make up removers).

That being said, I was nervous to try an oil cleanser because you couldn’t pay me to put oil on my face a year ago, but I first noticed the smell and how good it felt on my skin during a Lark facial and I knew I needed to try it!!

3 months later and I’m hooked. I use it morning and night (with tulsi + rose toner and Rosehip + citrus oil) and my skin is soft, supple, almost entirely clear of acne and it relieves all redness immediately. Not. Kidding. I think my skin likes how simple the formula is and it definitely loves the ingredients. 100/10 recommend!!


I’ll buy this from now on.


I adore this cleansing oil! Perfect first cleanse for me in the evening for makeup and SPF removal. Does it's job while hydrating and smelling amazing. Have already recommended it to friends and family.

Great customer service

When I originally purchased a skincare regimen for acne prone skin, it did not work for my skin, in fact, it made me break out worse than ever! Lark Skin Co. immediately reached out to me and offered to send me a free cleansing oil that was lighter for my sensitive skin; it worked! I already loved the packaging of products, the ingredients and the scents, but now I'm also loving the customer service that cares about the customer's results!

the best!

I'd say this cleansing oil is my favorite thing, but all of my lark products are my favorite thing! I prefer this to the cleansing balm, at least in the summer time - it is so light on the skin and smells so good. It genuinely makes me a happier person.

Before lark I used aveeno facewash and moisturizer. I never really thought there was much benefit to using natural products, just a simple wash and lotion would do. I was so wrong. I made the move to lark as part of a switch to reduce waste and support local female owned business. I had no idea of the impact it would have on me. I now have a skin care routine that I look forward to (who am I?) and I feel incredibly confident in my skin! Take a moment to invest in yourself with these products!