julia leenig

Shop Owner, Future Ancestor + Descendant 

what does confidence mean to you?

Confidence is the ability to trust yourself and your intuition. It means being good with who you are and showing up as your own advocate.

julia'S STORY

I was raised in a small, middle class, college town. I feel lucky that most of the women in my life growing up worked and were the anchors of their family in more ways than one. They were smart, hardworking and there for their kids, but there was this sense of exhaustion and a touch of resentment. These women were true badasses and they wanted it all. As the next generation, I think it's only natural that I want all of that and more. I want the marriage, the family, the career and a deep dive into my own personal well being and mental health. Tall order, but I'm trying.

When is your first memory of feeling confident?

As a young kid, I was very confident. I remember laughing easily, expressing my ideas without fear and truly being myself. We start so unaffected and unaware of judgement and are slowly chipped away by society. It's unavoidable and part of life, but heartbreaking to think about. When I try to imagine my most confident, authentic self, I imagine that little girl. 

When is your first memory of feeling insecure?

I can clearly remember being 6 and realizing my best friend was a better reader. I instantly felt like I wasn't good enough because she was better, that it was all or nothing. When you're young everything is black and white. Then you grow up and have to learn to be okay living among the nuance.

What makes you feel most confident now?

Staying true to myself and trusting my gut instinct. I have the tendency to get persuaded one way or another, convinced into putting another's needs or trusting their opinion over my own. It's taken time, but I've finally learned that I'm pretty good at knowing what I need. I don't need all of the advice.

What is something you’re most proud of?

I'm proud of my business and I'm certainly proud of my kids, but I'm mostly proud of myself for making the decision to make my own happiness and success a priority as I think it's taken the most courage. As a mother and a business owner, it's very easy for me to slip into putting myself last. Small things like making sure I have the food that I like in the fridge to big things like making sure I pay myself appropriately are crucial to my well being. I've had to work hard in the past few years to train myself to think this way and I know it not only makes me a happier person, but a better leader in business and at home.


I'd tell myself to stop asking others their opinions, to not be so influenced by my peers or what I thought society wanted out of me. I'd tell myself to prioritize time alone, to journal more and to spend time getting to know myself.

How are you using your platform to make a difference?

I love giving people alternatives to the mass market. I know what it feels like to shop in mainstream retail and to not totally identify with any of it. Providing people with the material possessions that help them feel like their most authentic self is my main mission.