zoe Kaemmerer

Entrepreneur + Co-Founder, Honeycomb 

what does confidence mean to you?

Self love. When you are true to yourself and live an authentic life, no one can take that away from you. Confidence is being yourself.


At 18 I moved to Los Angeles to go to school for Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. Living in LA, I was exposed to such a diverse group of people. We would have group projects and everyone would be from a different county. It was the most beautiful thing to me. We all were brought together with a similar passion but from completely different places in the world. I worked with different stylist and designers in the fashion and jewelry world and learned all different avenues of the Fashion Industry.

After several years in Los Angeles, I moved back to St. Louis, which I swore I’d never do. Something was different when I moved back, the city had started to change. Retail, restaurants and community spaces were popping up all over. I had always wanted my own store, I wrote business plans in college and created concepts that at the time were very innovative. But never thought I could actually do that while living in California. After I moved back and had worked as a personal shopper and dabbled in Fine Jewelry, I met Angela Giancola.

Angela is the most inspiring woman I have ever met. She is a brilliant, creative, entrepreneur and working mama! We met and instantly had a connection. Angela and her lifetime partner Ben Poremba have been in hospitality for years, she was ready to unplug from the restaurants and do something different. She starting talking to me about how she had always wanted to open a kids store but it was never the right time. One day she just asked me if I wanted to partner with her and open a kids store that would be our own concept. I didn’t even hesitate. I think I just screamed YES. It felt right, the timing was perfect and I knew we were going to create magic together. After a year of late night meetings waiting for her kids to fall asleep and brainstorming at local coffee shops, researching, designing and with a lot of help from our talented friends, We opened Honeycomb on March 6th 2019. A kids Shop + Play where kids and adults can explore and test out products in a beautiful and creative space. A retail store where everyone feels represented. Honeycomb focuses on sustainable, versatile garments, accessories and toys. 

Having a positive attitude and outlook on life is extremely important to me. Everyday I wake up I am excited for what the universe has in store.

When is your first memory of feeling confident?

I remember at a young age like 3 or 4 always performing for anyone who would watch, usually a dance I was making up as I went. The Spice Girls had a huge impact on me personally at that age because they were the first girl band who wore what they wanted and sang about girl power! I remember feeling like I was born to be in front of people and felt very comfortable putting myself on stage even if I didn’t know what I was doing, I would just make it work or maybe try and make someone laugh.

What makes you feel most confident now? How has this changed?

Now, my body and my hair make me feel like ME. I feel most confident with no makeup, jeans and a tee and a big smile on my face. Having a positive attitude and outlook on life is extremely important to me. Everyday I wake up I am excited for what the universe has in store for me and I greet each day with positivity and confidence.

When is your first memory of feeling insecure? Why did you feel this way or what made you feel this way?

I would say grade school was my first real memory of feeling insecure. I had extremely curly hair and was a curvy girl compared to the other kids in my class. My body and hair didn’t look like anyone else’s , which at 9-10 years old is a big deal. I also went to a private catholic school where we all had to wear uniforms and act and dress a certain way. I remember pulling my hair back tight so it looked straight and wearing shorts that were to tight and thinking, “Why am I trying to look like someone else, this isn’t me.” I felt like I didn’t belong. Everyone dressed the same and looked the same and honestly thought the same. I knew then that if I wanted to feel inspired it would come from people and cultures that were different from my own.

What is something you’re most proud of?

Building a business and brand from the ground up with my business partner Angela. 


Just be YOU. Don’t let society mold you into something else. Don’t worry so much about growing up, just BE.

How are you using your platform to make a difference?

We want every child and adult who walk in Honeycomb to feel represented, to feel safe and that they are welcome. We want to encourage creativity, imagination and diversity. Education through classes, events, books and products that explore all cultures, religions, languages and lifestyles.