3 Reasons to Use Toner Daily:

1) Remove impurities like dirt, grime and sweat that get stuck in your pores even after cleansing. (Use throughout the day to prevent maskne!)

2) Help your skin better absorb serums and retain moisture.

3) Balance your skin's pH levels (critical for long-term skin health!)

LARK toners do this and more!

Aloe + Lime Purifying toner ($22)

This purifying toner gently removes impurities, leaving skin feeling completely refreshed. Aloe soothes, hydrates and eliminates redness from the skin while lime brightens and helps lighten scarring and dark spots. Perfect for normal to acne-prone skin.

Tulsi + Rose Calming toner ($22)

Meet your skin’s two new favorite ingredients: Tulsi + Rose. Tulsi can be used to treat acne and scars, lighten dark spots + improve skin texture. Rose’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce skin’s redness + puffiness.

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