5 Tips to Prevent Maskne this Winter:

From LARK's in-house esthetician, Samantha:

1) Wash your mask regularly and if you can, have an assortment so you’re able to rotate daily.

2) Exfoliation is more important than ever! Rose + Glycolic Brightening Mask is my recommendation to keep skin clear and hydrated! (Keeping skin moisturized while treating it is key). 

3) Remember to use a toner! Tulsi + Rose is great for calming irritated skin from the mask and Aloe + Lime is great for oily + acne prone skin. Toners are great to use throughout the day to gently cleanse + refresh skin, especially if you wear a mask at work or school.

4) Hydrate! Aloe + Willow Bark Vitamin C Serum & a facial oil are perfect. The constant contact with your mask is drying your skin out, and creating layers of skin cell buildup from the friction. Your skin is thirsty and may need a moisturizer break more frequently than before so it is able to continue hydrate and heal itself.

5) Stay on top of it! LARK's new acne kit makes it convenient to keep products like toner and oil with you so you can refresh + moisturize skin throughout the day! 

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