Everything you need to know about combination skin

Having two skin types in one? Yeah, having one is already hard enough. Don't worry though. We've got you covered with all the info you need for having combination skin.

There's no dry cut criteria for having combination skin type. This is the tricky part. You can have an oily t-zone and crazy dry cheeks. Or, it can be that your skin is sensitive on your chin and normal everywhere else. Everyone's skin is different. 

Basically, with a skin type that may have multiple skin concerns, you want to use products with ease. Meaning, be carful with what you're putting on your skin. 

The Routine

You're going to want to use an oil balancing, gentle cleanser. Like our Sunflower + Chamomile Cleansing Oil. Oil balancing cleansers are the go-to for combination skin types because it's going to provide oil for the areas that are dry but it's also going to pull oil for the areas that are overproducing. 

Exfoliate (with ease). You want to use an exfoliator that’s not going to be crazy harsh on the skin if you have dry areas. We recommend our Jojoba + Turmeric Facial Polish 1-2 per week. 

It’s important to incorporate salicylic acid into your routine if you have combination skin because It’s going to fight oil production. Try our Aloe + Willow Bark Vitamin C Serum. This is curated to fight oiliness with Willow Bark as the active natural salicylic acid and vitamin C and aloe to keep the skin hydrated. 

Moisturize! Now, moisturizing with combination skin can be tricky. Two skin types all in one? Yeah, one is already hard enough. Don’t worry. That’s why we created a multi-functional hydrating oil, Rosehip + Citrus Facial Oil

Finally, SUNSCREEN! Yes. Combination skin types need SPF just like the rest of em', just make sure it's an oil-free sunscreen to prevent breakouts in your oily areas. 

Tips + Tricks

1) Avoid using products with alcohol! This is going to dry out the skin and overproduce oil. 

2) Consider using a hydrating toner instead of a purifying one, like our Tulsi + Rose Calming Toner

3) Keep things simple. Don't overwhelm your skin with tons of product attempting to calm it, it's like a crying child that I promise will cry more. Instead, use a minimal routine with purpose. 

4) Avoid using hot water on your face. This is going to really strip the skin and just cause tightness and redness. Rule of thumb is to always use lukewarm water to cleanse/exfoliate and cold water to rinse. 


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