8 Lark Hacks we bet you didn't know about

1. Use the Balm as a deep hydration treatment on dry + cracked areas, as lip balm or cuticle salve!

2. When using Jojoba + Turmeric Facial Polish, first turn on a hot shower and let the bathroom fill with steam and let it open pores + hydrate skin while the polish exfoliates.

3. Use Aloe + Lime toner after a workout to refresh the skin and remove sweat in pores to avoid breakouts and/or over cleansing.

4. Use Tulsi + Rose toner to calm irritated, mask-covered skin throughout the day -- yes, you can use toner at any stage of your routine!

5. Green Coffee + Avocado Under Eye Roller and Rosehip + Citrus Facial Oil work as the perfect primer before applying concealer or liquid foundation. Mix your makeup with 2-3 drops of oil and apply, or apply make up before oil completely dries. And no, your skin won’t get greasy!

6. Take a starter kit with you to use during long mask-wearing days or while traveling (eventually)!

7. Use Rose + Glycolic Brightening Mask the day of a big event for visibly brighter, glowing skin and to help makeup go on smoother!

8. Mix Vitamin C serum with CoQ10 + Sea Buckthorn facial oil for maximum absorption.

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