Dealing with Dry Skin in the Winter Months

Dry skin happens because our sebaceous glands aren’t producing  enough oil which can leave our skin feeling tight, dry, scaly, and rough. Dry skin tends to be a common concern as we age, but also as we move into colder months. Which is why it is imperative that we keep our skin hydrated and moisturized so our skin barrier is fully functioning. 

     When dealing with dry skin you want to protect your skin and lock in as much moisture as you possibly can. To obtain the most moisture it is important to have the right skin care routine. You would want to start with the basics including: a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and oil. Specifically, our Neroli and Lavender cleansing balm, Tusli + Rose toner, Pearl and Rosewater night cream, and either one of our pre-made oils or a custom oil. 

     To take this skin care routine to the next level and increase hydration you should also include regular exfoliation and a targeted facial mask. Our Rose and Glycolic mask allows for a deeper exfoliation, but will also replenish and rehydrate your skin at the same time, which won’t leave your skin more irritated or dry. Exfoliation is still an important step you shouldn’t forget with dry skin because it allows the top layer of dead skin cells to be removed which allows for better product penetration. Incorporating a custom mask is imperative to providing your skin with more moisture. When customizing a mask you would want to opt for red clay or colloidal oat, with boosters options: Rosehip powder, beetroot powder, or matcha powder. Red clay provides your skin with intense hydration. Colloidal oat provides your skin with soothing elements that rid irritation and sensitivity sometimes associated with dryness. Rosehip powder adds a surge of hydration because of the fatty acids it contains which will help strengthen and hydrate the skin. Beetroot or matcha should be considered based on further concerns. If you are more concerned with anti-aging you would want to opt for beetroot powder. Whereas if you are more concerned with sensitivity matcha would be the best option! 

     A custom oil is also recommended because it can address specific concerns related to dryness and sensitivities. Starting with a base oil rosehip would be great for a first time oil user because it is a lighter oil, but still has amazing antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Another great base oil for dry skin is argan oil which is a thicker oil that is easily absorbed into the skin with vitamin e and provides a natural boost to skin. Booster oils that provide your skin with hydration, protection against sensitivities and include essential vitamins include: baobab, blueberry, marula, cucumber, chamomile. 

     The last step to a great routine is always sunscreen! With dry skin it is even more important to wear sunscreen on a daily basis to protect your skin and add another layer of hydration. 

Other tips: 

  • Wear spf daily 
  • Use a humidifier in your home to increase moisture in the air 
  • Book an appointment with an incredible esthetician at Lark Skin Co. to address specific concerns 

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