Healing acne-prone skin

Acne. We've all dealt with it in some form. Maybe a mild case, maybe cystic. But it's a part of being human and it's normal. There's a lot of stigma around acne and I know it can feel isolating but please know that there's nothing to be ashamed of. 

Did you know that 80% of people experience some form of acne in their life? 

The first step in treating acne is finding the right treatment for you

If you're anything like me in my years of acne breakouts, you frantically ran to the store or googled the best regimens to heal it from home. 

Below are some home regimens I actually found to work: 


- this seems like a no brainer but drinking a sufficient amount of water is not as easy as it sounds. water increases the amount of hydration in your skin, preventing oil over-production and minimizing breakouts. water flushes toxins out of the body and helps the skin glow. create a goal of at least 8 glasses of water per day. try setting a timer on your phone, it helps! 


- Manuka honey has changed the game. because of it's low pH, honey is a natural anti-bacterial that is known to heal inflammation and acne breakouts. honey heals the skin by speeding up the healing process. Manuka honey specifically is also known for it's ability to fade acne scars. I recommend mixing Manuka honey with one of our custom masks-you'll never go back to using water. 


- no one wants to hear it but your diet truly affects your skin. after I started eating more greens and home-cooked meals, I noticed that my skin had more of a glow. think nourishing foods that are high in vitamins and minerals. I know avoiding dairy isn't for everyone, but it has also dramatically decreased my breakouts. Do your research and find what diet is right for you. Sometimes cutting out one ingredient makes a world of difference. 


1) Cleanse 

- cleansing with an oil cleanser like our Sunflower + Chamomile Cleansing Oil is the first thing I recommend to someone asking about treating acne-prone skin. using an oil cleanser instead of a foam cleanser will actually level out your oil production, resulting in fewer breakouts. remember, oil pulls oil. use this cleanser daily. wipe away with a warm damn cloth. (the heavenly smell is an added bonus) 

2) Tone 

- using an alcohol-free toner like our Aloe + Lime Purifying Toner is crucial when treating the inflammation you may be experiencing. alcohol drys the skin out and results in more overall redness and essentially more oil production. use this toner daily in your routine or throughout the day to freshen up. 

3) Exfoliate 

- regular exfoliation will smooth and brighten the skin. this is an important step for someone experiencing acne because it reduces breakouts by keeping pores from becoming clogged with dead skin and excess sebum (skin oil). use our Jojoba + Turmeric Facial Polish once a week for smooth skin. the added alpha hydroxy acids will leave your skin glowing. 

4) Moisturize 

- our Rosehip + Citrus Facial Oil is a match-mate for acne prone skin. this oil has a low rating on the comedogenic scale, meaning it won't clog your pores. I know oil can seem like the enemy when fighting acne but it's actually your friend. use this oil daily to finish your routine and lock everything in. 

5) Spot Treatment 

- our new Gotu Kola + Silver Spot Treatment has officially changed the game. the ingredients speak for them self. Gotu Kola speeds up the skin's healing process, while Colloidal Silver helps to kill acne forming bacteria. 

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- this is probably the hardest rule (for me anyway) but just remember touching your face and digging to get the pimple to go away will do quite the opposite. only resulting in more inflammation and essentially leaving a scar. we don't want that. allow the skin to heal, it does that all by itself! 

Remember, acne doesn't hold power over you. It's temporary and treatable! 







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