5 Ways to Practice Holistic Self Care

When you think of self-care your mind probably goes to a face mask or some sort of product. At LARK, we know that self-care is much more than a bubble bath (even though that helps). Self-care is different for everyone and there are thousands of ways to practice caring for yourself — as long as you’re doing something that is bettering you, your mind, and your body. 

Life is busy. There are bills, jobs, rush hour traffic and deadlines. You need to take a moment for yourself to be able to show up and give back.

At LARK, we believe in living a holistic and mindful lifestyle.

Here are some quick and easy self-care tips for the month, join us in practicing one each week!

1)     Breathing meditation

Taking a moment to breathe is so important. This may sound silly as I’m sure some people are thinking, “well I’m breathing right now!” This is true, we mean taking a moment to really inhale and exhale. Take a five-minute break and sit with your thoughts for a moment. Breathe in the good and exhale the bad. You’ll be amazed how by how grounded you feel after just five minutes. Learn to do this when you’re anxious. We recommend following @olive.eeeats, she practices breathing exercises on her feed and it’s simply amazing.

2)    Eat a nutritious meal

This one may seem a little too simple but many times when we are stressed or in a rush, we put ourselves on the back burner. This means feeding ourselves quick and easy meals to get through the day. Stay home one night and create a meal for yourself that is flavorful and nourishing. Your body needs vitamins and nutrients to keep going.

3)    Speak loving words to yourself

Take a look in the mirror and say three things that you love about yourself. Then look inward, and say three things that you admire about your character. Do that each morning and take note of how your views change. This one is important.

4)   Spend time alone

Journal. Run. Dance. Read. Create. Take a bath or book a facial. Take the time to do your nightly skincare routine, because sometimes that’s a challenge in itself. Just make sure that you’re taking time to do something for you. 

5) Treat yourself

Not in the Tom + Donna sense (even though we would love a good excuse to go on a shopping spree), but take the time to treat your mind, body or soul. Whether it's getting a sitter to make your favorite yoga class, saying no to a social gathering in order to have that sacred time alone, or booking that holistic facial you've been thinking about, give yourself the permission to take part in something that feels good to you.

Self-care isn’t something that can be crossed of the to-do list. It’s showing up for yourself every day and sometimes it feels impossible. But learning to be patient with yourself is possible and learning to be kinder to yourself is possible with a little care!

What are ways you practice holistic self-care? Share with us below and inspire others to do the same.

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