Letting Go as Self Care

Everything that has left my life has claw marks on it.

I used to hate change, I would avoid it and hide from it like it was a sickness. Even if it wasn’t necessarily the right thing, I felt safer staying where I was, hiding under my safety net of comfort.

I know it can feel like you are swimming against the tide. Fighting with yourself, resisting change, and not being intuitive to your emotions.

That's where I was. 

I knew I needed to change the way I was thinking.

The first step is acceptance.

Acceptance is so important! Seriously, you can’t experience true self-growth without it.

Acceptance is absolutely the hardest part. It takes time to understand that there’s nothing you can do.

We have no control over what happens to us. We do, however, have complete control over how we react/ handle such situations. 

Learning the concept of acceptance has allowed me to digest my current situation, give myself permission to move on, and open up space to create new connections, opportunities, and vibrations.

The second step is reflection.

Ask yourself :

“Am I going to benefit by holding on to this?”

If not, let it go!

We have the power to experience something, acknowledge it, and then let it pass. Just because something happens to you doesn’t mean that it defines you. Take what you can from it, learn from it, grow from it, and then let it go.

So much toxic energy gets built up in the process of holding on that it changes who we are without us even noticing. We find ourselves getting angry at the old lady in front of us at the grocery store, or the barista for getting our order wrong-how dare they! This is all just negative energy that we have stored from other experiences we haven’t let go of.

No one puts as much pressure on you as you do. You will learn that once you let go of all of the extra weight, negative emotions and experiences, your mind has much more room for light, passion, and creativity.

When you let go of what has been eating at you, you'll in return have more room for love. Love to give to yourself and others around you. 

Letting go is a way to care for yourself and should always be a part of your self-care. Try it this month and notice how lighter you feel. 

You’re not supposed to have it all together and know everything, okay?

Let that idea go.


LARK Marketing + Sales Coordinator 

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