Simplifying your Daily Routine (pt. 1 - Skincare)

A lot of people have asked me what my daily beauty routine is. A LOT of the time it changes depending on the season (I’ve learned that my skin is incredibly susceptible to weather changes). Today I want to share with you some sample routines that I hope will help you to streamline your beauty products, and your mornings!
Winter Routine:
My skin gets incredibly dry in the winter. I struggle with drinking enough water which never helps the situation. In a perfect world, I’d drink a gallon of water a day with an entire lemon squeezed in it. In reality I usually consume about half of that per day which can leave my skin feeling parched. My go to beauty regimen for winter starts with a cleansing balm. In the past I’ve used plain coconut oil, and a balm by Nucifera. I have an incredible balm in the works that I’ve been using at home (it will be available in the shop in late February '17). It’s a combination of all my favorite things. Organic butters and oils, including Rosehip oil and Sacha Inchi oil - plus a little lavender and mint to make it smell incredible. I use this 1-2x per day in the winter. First thing I do in the morning is massage it into my skin. Then using a warm washcloth, I set it over my face for a few seconds to draw out the toxins and melt the balm. Then gently wipe away using small circular motions. Afterwards my skin feels hydrated and so soft. I then apply my makeup (Foundation + rosehip oil).
At the end of the day I wash my makeup away using the balm. I do the same routine as I do in the morning, and afterwards will tone with the purifying toner. I find the toner helps to tighten my pores and provides a good base for the beauty potion. Afterwards I’ll apply a few drops of beauty potion and massage into my skin (making sure to gently massage it into dark circles and fine lines).
In the Summer (or if you have fairly oily skin) I’ll alternate between the balm and the cleansing powder as my daily cleanser. I find that the cleansing powder is great for mornings. It gently exfoliates and wakes up my skin. Just pour a pea sized amount onto a we washcloth and massage into skin (in small circles moving upwards from your chin to forehead). Depending on the day, I may follow with a few drops of beauty potion on its own, or I’ll just mix a drop in my foundation depending on how dry my skin is. In the evening I’ll cleanse with the balm as it is an excellent makeup remover.
One of my biggest goals is to give women the power of simplification. Before I started this regimen I found myself buying countless beauty products (line erasers, eye creams, balms, toners, moisturizers, facial oils, wrinkle serums etc.) it was overwhelming and truthfully not at all practical. I needed my morning routine to be quick and simple - efficiency is key. I’ve found that once you’ve simplified your products if’s so much easier to stick to a daily routine instead of abandoning expensive products in your medicine cabinet because it’s just too time intensive each day to use them.
Weekly I'll do a custom clay mask (Lark's Red Clay + Aloe is my go to this winter) and a baking soda scrub. 
I'll be back next week to cover my 3 go to products for body care!

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