Simplifying your Daily Routine (Part 2 - Body Care)

If you couldn’t tell, I love to keep things simple. My body care routine is no exception. I truly do not have the time in the mornings to spend hours on this stuff, so (out of necessity) I pair everything back. There are three things that you actually need to keep your body glowing:
Body Scrub
Soap (all natural!)
I’d challenge you to take a look in your shower and see how many products you have. My shower was pretty loaded with things before I decided to scale it back. One of the biggest challenges I had was finding a “clean” soap. I hated all the strongly scented soaps and shower gels - most of them made from toxic materials - and found that traditional bar soaps were oftentimes very drying. I stumbled across ZUM soaps a few years back at a local shop and was hooked. Their products are incredible and the Patchouli and Orange soap is to die for. I’ve also recently fallen for these all natural soaps by Keats the scents are all very earthy which I love (my husband is a big fan too, as they don’t smell as “girly” to him, ha!)
I use a scrub once a week, and of course I love our Himalayan Salt + Coconut body scrub. The Himalayan salt is incredible for detoxification and the coconut oil give your skin a deep conditioning. Plus the smell is to die for. I recommend doing a full body Himalayan Salt + Coconut scrub, then shaving. Afterwards I feel like a new woman! If I have a little extra time, or have a big event I’m going to, I’ll whip up a coffee scrub with coffee grounds and coconut oil. You can add a little brown sugar to the mix as well. Coffee is great as an exfoliant because it works to brighten and tighten skin - giving you a lovely glow. I also adore the Coffee and Cardamom scrub by Fig and Yarrow. Just be sure to do it all in the shower, as the coffee can stain.
And lastly, I rock the lotion bar. I keep mine in the shower so it’s easy to grab and apply before I hop out. After my shower, I’ll towel dry, being sure to leave the bathroom door closed so the steam from the shower stays in. Then I’ll pop my lotion bar out of the tin and apply almost like a bar of soap. Then get dressed and go! I’ve found that this method is much for efficient for me in the mornings. The bar is thicker than a traditional lotion so you don’t have to sit around and wait for it to dry like you do with lotions that contain water as a primary ingredient. And I love how the steam helps the bar melt into my skin. It’s like a little mini-spa experience!

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