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It goes without saying that  multi-functional skincare is my primary goal. Especially if it smells amazing and has the power to transform your skin. I've been working away for months now trying to develop the PERFECT multi-functional facial cleanser (and moisturizer, conditioner, body balm and more!) I'm thrilled to announce that my mission is complete and BEAUTY BALM is ready to launch!
Beauty Balm is the perfect product for the minimalist. Beauty Balm contains rare organic butters and oils that cleanse AND condition skin. A few of my favorite uses are:
Facial Cleanser/Makeup Remover - I use it in the morning to cleanse, then at the end of the day to remove makeup. Simply massage a pea sized amount into skin. Cover face with a warm washcloth (this helps to open the pores and pull out toxins) then wipe clean. Leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed!
Hair Conditioner - Incredibly hydrating for hair. Use just a pea sized amount and massage into the ends of hair, then rinse with warm water.
Moisturizer - Apply a tiny bit to extra dry skin.
Body Balm - Use just like you'd use a lotion!
I took Beauty Balm on the ultimate challenge last month to Sedona, Arizona. I traveled super light - bringing Beauty Balm as my only beauty product! I used it for EVERYTHING, and it was incredible. I can't even tell you how excited I am to share this product with the world. Safe, multi-functional and the best part is... it works! I hope you'll try our Beauty Balm out when it launches next week!


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