Talking about a fresh face and how to achieve the summer "look"

Ahh, summer. The time of the year where the sun comes out, people come out (usually ..I'm talking pre-pandemic) and for a lot of people, it's when major insecurities come out. 

We pick ourselves apart for not being "beach ready" or doing "enough" before the swimsuit season. 

I'm sick of it. 

We do the same for our skin. We convince ourselves that it's not tan enough. It's not glowy enough. It's not ___ enough. 

Let's change that dialogue. 

Let me break down how to get summer skin this season

1) Make sure you have a nourishing skin-care routine. I'm talking cleansing (there will be lots of sweat) AND exfoliating. I use a magical duo in the summer. It's a small amount of Neroli + Lavander Balm mixed with a small amount of our Jojoba + Turmeric Facial Polish. Your skin = heaven. Seriously a must-try. 

2) Treat and moisturize with nourishing ingredients. Your skin is taking on extra rays and extra-long days (see what I did there). You must make sure you're staying hydrated. I love spritzing my face with our Aloe + Lime Purifying Toner throughout the day. SO refreshing. I layer it with our Vitamin C Serum and our Rosehip + Citrus Oil. Yes, I use oil in the summer but it's okay because this one controls my oil production. 

3) After you properly treat the skin you want to protect it. That's right, I'm talking sunscreen. Try using your favorite natural sunscreen. Lot's of SPF love for your face. It's sacred and we don't want any sun damage, okay?

4) Smile because you're beautiful and have just achieved "the look." No need to go in with coverups or concealer. You are beautiful with the spots and even the scars.

Give your skin air to BREATHE. It will thank you in return. 

Share this with a friend that may have trouble finding their "look." Let them know it's right in front of them. 


the LARK team  


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