Setting New Years *Intentions* feat. @TheTherapyStudio

As January (finally) comes to an end, so do our New Year's Resolutions, normally. This year, we asked our friend @thetherapystudio for her thoughts on NEW ways to set REAListic New Year's Resolutions, that make us feel GOOD. 

(And keep scrolling for 4 easy ways to add skincare to your list of New Year's Resolutions)

      "New year’s intentions are the new resolutions. And yes, you can still set 2021 intentions at the END of January instead of at the beginning. Hell, you can set them in February, July, or even September. This is YOUR year and YOUR life, so you can change it up whenever you damn well please. Let me explain.

      The old school way of approaching a new year--setting resolutions--had good intentions (lol), but ultimately stems from a “you did something bad, so change it” approach. The word “resolve” on its own literally means to solve a problem. As a therapist, I have a really hard time promoting a method of goal-setting that involves guilt tripping or self-shaming. That being said, I LOVE the idea of setting new goals and making positive changes in your lifestyle that will lead you to align with your best self and create a more meaningful life.

      Enter...the new year’s intentions. I love the word intention, because it brings a sense of purpose and meaning to the changes you want to make or the patterns you want to continue.It’s going to be a heck of a lot easier to accomplish something that actually MEANS something to you, instead of doing it to do it. We need to set intentions that align with our strengths and values. This gives us purpose and sets us up for success.

      Now you might be wondering, “How can I set meaningful intentions if I don’t know what I value?” I got you, girl. Here’s a great values list by one of my role models, Brene Brown, that can give you some ideas. Write these down.

      Now that you’ve got your core values, it’s time to create some values-based intentions. For example, if you value well-being, you can set an intention to focus on your self care routine this year. Write these down too. A good number of intentions to aim for is 3-5. Any more than that might be overwhelming and unattainable, exactly what we DON’T want. If you’re one of those highly ambitious people, another approach you can try is to set more intentions, and focus on a specific intention every month or every couple of months. Again, write these down. You’re doing some hard work here, let’s make sure to document it!

      Next, list some specific examples of things that you can do that relate to that intention--a “menu” you can choose from. Examples of this can be: “create a regular meditation practice,” “start therapy,” or “spend more time in nature.” Make sure your menu is full of things you’re actually willing to do and WANT to do--this will set you up for success. Also try to include tasks that require different energy levels on your menu, so you have options depending on how you’re feeling. For example, doing a quick meditation takes much less energy than reaching out to a potential therapist (unfortunately). Giving yourself a choice will only benefit you.

Now that you have your intentions and their respective menus, all that’s left is to start living them out!"

Xoxo, Tina! 

Here are 4 easy ways to add skincare to your 2021 resolutions (without breaking the bank).

1. Add a little time to your self-care ritual! 2 more minutes of facial massage a day can make a big us. 

2. Introduce a new step to your routine like a toner or vitamin C serum! 

3. Try a new clean beauty routine with a 3 step skincare ritual for under $55 with a Clean Skincare Starter Kit!

4. Buy a Treat-Yourself-Product like a mask or under eye treatment!


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