Will you accept this rose?

...in your skincare, that is?

Roses have more benefits than just locking in your chance to find love...especially for your skin. That's why you'll notice Rose is the star of 3 Lark Products! However, Rosehip oil + Rose water are the real 'Rose' we're referring to in our Tulsi + Rose calming toner, Rose + Glycolic brightening mask and our Rosehip + Citrus facial oil. 

 Benefits of Rosehip Oil found in Rosehip + Citrus facial oil

  • it contains the powerful fatty acid Linoleic acid that help balance skin’s natural oil production, which reduces build up in pores from oil and dead skin, which prevents pimples from forming.
  • thanks to high concentrations of vitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin K, it has regenerative and healing properties that quickly diminish pimples and prevent scarring. ⁣
  • vitamin E and anthocyanin calms inflammation (like red swollen acne or rosacea) and soothes irritation. ⁣

  • it naturally exfoliates skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefits of Rosewater found in Tulsi + Rose calming toner and Rose + Glycolic brightening mask

  • calms irritation and reduces redness
  • helps maintain skin's pH balance and balance excess oils 
  • aids in removing dirt + oil accumulated in pores

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