Sensitive Skin? We've got you.

Did you know that our founder, Lisa, has sensitive skin and Rosacea? This made sensitive skin concerns top of mind when developing LARK products. Our expert esthetician, Lauren, weighs in to share her top tips for healing sensitive skin.

If you have sensitive skin or sensitized skin here are 3 things to avoid: 


1. Overdoing it with an array of skincare products. Here is an example of a basic routine- Keep it simple with a gentle cleanser, low or no alcohol toner, a treatment serum, a moisturizer, and if needed, a facial oil.

2. Testing a product and not giving it enough time to actually give results (unless you know you’re having a reaction) and switching to something new. Using too many products at once is a quick way to create sensitized skin or irritate sensitive skin types. Wait about 30 days, if you’re still unsatisfied then consider something new.

3. Using exfoliating acids, scrubs, and cleansers that leave your skin feeling red tight and/or dry. Don’t forget skin naturally exfoliates itself. If you want to try something gentle, try raw or Manuka honey as an exfoliator or Gua Sha for lymphatic drainage which helps moves stagnant fluids underneath the skin.

Product Recommendations for Sensitive Skin:

Sunflower + Chamomile Cleansing Oil 

Tulsi + Rose Facial Toner 

Rose + Glycolic Facial Mask

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