Sensitive Skin? Same.

Did you know that our founder, Lisa, has sensitive skin and Rosacea? In fact, we all have sensitive skin to a degree. This is why Lisa intentionally developed our skincare with both powerful + soothing ingredients so you can experience the results you want without irritation. 

It's time we end the negative stigma associated with sensitivity. For both people + skin, sensitivity is simply our natural reaction to things we may not be vibing with at the moment. Instead of resenting these reactions -- think of them as your skin's way of communicating with you, LISTEN, and respond accordingly, (don't worry we'll help with that part). 

That being said, sometimes skin is a little extra sensitive + reacts in ways that can cause redness, bumps, dry patches, inflammation and more. We may not be able to change your skins natural reactions, but we can help you  prevent and reduce these symptoms without de-sensitizing skin. 


✔️Your skin easily or often reacts to changes in weather, new skincare and stronger ingredients.
✔️You skin easily or often turns red and feels irritated to the touch. 
✔️ Your skin is easily or often inflamed reacts with breakouts. 
✔️ Take our 30 second skincare quiz and we will tell you your skin type!


Do any of these resonate with you? If so, here are some tips on how to prevent + treat sensitive skin year round + in the winter from our expert esthetician:


1. A skincare routine with too many steps. We all love to try skincare, but the best way to keep sensitive happy is to follow a simple and consistent skincare routine. For a rule of thumb, less skincare is more when it comes to sensitive skin. We recommend patch testing, and then picking a simple, 3-4 step routine to stick with for 30 days to give skin time to regenerate + the skincare to work. 
2. Introducing too many powerful products + ingredients, too often: This goes for those with + without extra sensitive skin. We all love to try new skincare, but using too many products at once or introducing new products too frequently is another quick way to create sensitized skin or irritate sensitive skin types.Do not introduce too many products (especially those with strong ingredients like retinol + acids) too often because the skin is likely to feel overwhelmed and react. 
3. Cleansing with hot water! Stop cleansing with hot water! It is stripping your skin and is likely a cause of your redness, dryness and irritation. Use room temperature water and remember your skin loves a splash of cold water or an ice cube massage goes a long way in reducing sensitive symptoms like inflammation and redness. 
4. Scrubbing + pulling on skin. Pay attention to how you treat your skin during your routine. Instead of scrubbing, use a soft cloth to cleanse or exfoliate skin and always use kind, upward strokes when applying product or massaging skin. 
5. Skincare with alcohols, artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals. These ingredients strip skin's natural oils, exposing skin to the elements, throwing it off balance and drying it out. Stick to skin soothing ingredients and textures that improve skin without causing irritation. 


All of LARK's skincare is safe for sensitive skin, but this routine is tailored to balance, heal and treat sensitive skin. Shop the full routine or try the key steps with the Clean Skincare Starter Kit for Sensitive + Aging Skin. 


is a light weight, delicious smelling cleanser that removes make up, dirt and impurities in pores while keeping skin hydrated and glowing. Perfect for all skin types, especially acne prone. 
soothes + refreshes pores, evens skin tone and helps skin better absorb treatments + moisture, while reducing inflammation, redness + puffiness.
Treat your complexion with Aloe + Willow Bark Vitamin C Serum:
yes, a vitamin C serum for sensitive skin exists! While vitamin C prevents + reduces signs of aging, aloe hydrates skin has soothing properties to reduce and inflammation.
uses avocado oil to brighten and moisturize the delicate eye area, while natural caffeine de-puffs without harming skin.
COQ10 + Sea Buckthorn is a lightweight age defying + ultra hydrating moisturizer for mature + dry skin. 
Rosehip + Citrus is a deeply moisturizing + balancing moisturizer for acne prone (inflamed skin) + skin that easily reacts to the elements. 
Exfoliate once weekly with Rose + Glycolic Brightening Mask
is a velvety gel mask that hydrates and soothes skin while effectively resurfacing skin, revealing your youthful glow. 


Or try out our 3-step routine for Sensitive Skin, bundled to help you save + get started:

Shop our Clean Skincare Starter Kit for Sensitive + Aging Skin:


Still, have questions? We're here to help. Drop them below!


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